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Denray Builds Downdraft Dust Table for most every industry, from the small woodworking operation to the large several hundred employee facility. Denray has tables in aircraft, agriculture, military bases, naval shipyards, steel fabricating facilities, medical facilities and many, many more different facilities to numerous to mention. Reaching close to the 8000 number of tables sold, Denray has prided themselves in producing a machine that is user friendly for the operators. Denray has custom built hundreds of machines that are designed to fit the particular need for that customer. Denray has 2 models with over 20 different sizes to choose from, the tube filtration is mostly designed for the woodworking application, cleaning to 1 micron with a 99% efficiency, very easy filter cleaning, with the dust falling into a drawer below the filters. Cartridge filters are the industry leading filtration, they are designed with many square feet of media to maintain a higher airflow, with smaller particle capture rate. Different media can be used for different dust applications. Cartridge filters are cleaned by compressed air, activated either by a timer in the machine or push button, activated by the operator.
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